Why Indian’s Hate Pakistan? – watch to get Some Life

We Indian’s belong to different cultures different traditions, Different religions but what makes us live together is humanity. Just like this, Pakistani’s are also humans. But Why Indian’s hate Pakistan?. What is the thing which forcing us to hate them?. The answer is “Nothing” but something.

Why Indian’s Hate Pakistan

Just leave the word something, you will start loving them. Yeah! it’s true that some of them hate India but hardly they are just about 10%. Of course, some Indian’s hate Pakistan too. Do you like Adnan Sami?, Atif Aslam? Rahat Fateh Ali khan?. Why do you like them? Just because you know them.

Apart from the jihadi’s the common people of Pakistani’s are like you and me (If you are not a Pakistan hater).  All people of Pakistan Don’t sit at home and just think “How to destroy India” and Neither all Indians do that. Come On grow Up.