5 Mistakes That People Make When they Are Young

People in their teens and 20’s are always concerned about many things generally many of them don’t know what to do and they make some mistakes that can affect their future in a bad way. It’s a age where people can make their life good or bad. Most of the people think they should only have fun but only fun can be dangerous for their career growth. It’s a time when people’s emotions can confuse them badly and they may end up being depressed. We are talking about some mistakes because to tell people that these mistakes can be avoided and anyone can learn about from these mistakes.

5 Mistakes That People Make When they Are Young

1- Spoiling important time of their life regretting an exam they couldn’t crack

regretting a exam for lifetime
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This is generally seen in students who study very hard and not end up getting a national level collage/institution. People get too stressed about good college’s that they just forget every thing and study, then if they didn’t get the college/institution they desired they start to get depressed. They forget that what has been done can’t be changed now. It is hard to let go of something which was so important to you but the fact remains you-anyway have to accept it so accepting it in a good spirit with a little gratitude and positive emotion.

2- Indulging into smoking

smoking at young age
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This is something very dangerous to health, the reason – access to cigarettes is very cheap and easy, people don’t realize when they have crossed their limits and have became an nicotine addict. Smoking also causes cancer which can be very dangerous for life can it’s care can be too much expensive. Smoking is very difficult to control and only causes troubles. It would be better to avoid smoking.

3. Wanting to have a girlfriend/boyfriend just because their friends have one

want to be in relationship
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By seeing other friends and people with their girlfriend, you also want to have one. The main reason can be jealousy or they want to show the society that they also have one. So don’t run behind any girl or any boy. This age is not for doing that. Enjoy your School/College life with friends.

4- Trying to make everyone happy

always try to make everyone happy
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We are always concerned about the people who are around us, we always try to please everyone. Trying to make every one is not possible or else we will do everything according to their likes and dislikes, we will only forget about our happiness. We can help people but trying to make everyone happy is just a waste of time.

5- Believing someone else’s definition of success

believing in others success
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We often define success based on other people’s benchmarks. One of main reasons of dis-appointments is that we always compare our achievements with the standards put up by other people. This quote sums up everything – ” It’s not what others think, it’s what you think about yourself that counts. “