Different Behaviors of Female That Men Fall For!

Your man may always complain about everything you do, everything you say etc. but still he loves you. Many of females can relate to this and those are the ones who are confused that how can he be able to show his love and complaints at the same time. The reason behind his love for you even with all the shortcomings in you is that you have one of those behaviors which no man can stop himself falling for!

Here are those behaviors which men just love!

1. When You Act As A good Listener!

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In most of the relationships, men play the role of a listener but when you do it, they cannot resist themselves falling in love with you.

2. When You Lie On His Chest

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It is not the only female who love doing this but men also like it when you put your head on his chest. They find it really cute and adorable.

3. Showing Love And Affection In Public

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Doing little things in public like playing with his hair, caressing his arm gently or just holding his hands will make his heart start beating faster.


4. When You Laugh Because Of Him

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Every man loves to see her girl laughing with happiness especially when they are the reason behind your smile. When he makes an effort to make you laugh, even if you don’t find it funny, just pretend.

5. When He Finds You Looking At Him

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Not only girls, the man also loves it when they come to know that someone wants him. They just feel on top of the world when they find a girl looking at them with an adorable smile on the face.

6. When You Inform Him For every Little Thing!

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Guys just love it when you tell them every little thing via text or a call. It makes him feel that he is very important part of your life.


Now, you know how can you make him fall for you with your behavior. Even if your relationship is not going on the right track and you want to make it like it was before then these behaviors will work magic for you. But the only thing you have to keep in mind is that you should not overdo anything otherwise it will make him feel that you are faking it. Just be natural and show your love by being natural.