5 Things You Should Not Say To Your Girlfriend

1.’You should go to the gym’
Seriously, this might get you in big trouble. It’s her body and her life. Let her decide. zgirl_gym_twist_press

2. ‘You should not go outside at night, alone
It’s sweet to be caring, but it’s better to teach her self-defense rather than closing doors for her. girl-walking-alone-on-road-at-night

3. ‘ You can’t go on ‘night outs’ with your friends’.
Why not? Let her spend time with her girlfriends. Both of you need time, right?priqtelki

4. ‘You will not talk to other boys’.
Trust is important in a relationship. Your girl is smart enough to manage her life. Don’t be a control freek.tarting-to-talk-like-girls-MAIN
5. ‘I can’t commit because my parents won’t accept our relation’.If you can’t take responsibility in your relationship and commitment is not going to happen, make it very clear.d1