Must Visit These 8 Cities those Are Popular For Their Gol Gappas

Gol Gappa  is a common street snack in most of the regions of India. It is commonly known as “Pani Puri”  a round shaped small crispy, tongue tingling spicy these are crispy shells stuffed with chilli, chat masala, flavoured water etc. Being a spicy snack they are available in almost every part of the city you travel in India you will definitely  find this. It is always fun to eat this snack having pani puri boosts your mood you can’t stop yourself saying “Bas bhaiya, ek plate aur hojaye”.

Let’s have a look at various names and forms of golgappe and famous golgappa joints:

8 Cities those Are Popular For Their Gol Gappas

1- Amchi Mumbai’s  Pani Puri Chatkaaredaar

mumbai panipuri famous
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Unmatchable taste due to presence of usual salt in the sea laced air has given a unique flavour to pani puri here in the city of Marathas.

Eclo Market- Hill Road, Bandra West

2- Saadi Dilli De Golgappe Theekhe Teekhe

Delhi's golgappa is too different and in trend also.
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Popular among urban folks Dahi ke golappe and new vodka filled gol gappe are creating a new sensation in taste of people. If you are travelling to Delhi you can’t avoid tasting these.

You can have famous Delhi golgappe at Chandni Chowk  on Shree Balaji Chaat bhandar.

3- Amar Kolkata’s Puchka

kolkata's puchka
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The city of Robindra Sangeet popular street food for past decades is now known as “Puchka”  a Bengali form of Pani Puri from Mumbai and Golgappa from Delhi.

You can have famous Kolkata puchka at Vivekananda Park- Southern Avenue.

4- Bangalore’s Delight

bangalore's golgappa
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Here in Banglore golgappa can be addressed by any name. Even local seller can understand it. These joint have capability to make golgappa appropriate as per your taste.

You can have famous Banglore golgappe at Anand Sweets.

5- Hyderabadi Raseele Gupchup

Hyderabadi Gupchup
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Hyderabad is not only famous for its world class biriyani but also for gupchup. They name golgappa as gupchup. These are royal in taste and some Shahi joint make best effort to make them more and more spicy and tasty.

You can have famous hyderabadi joints at Gokul Chaat-Koti.

6- Nagpur’s Panipuri

Nagpur's panipuri
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The city famous for oranges has somewhat similar trend in pani puri which is similar to Mumbai.

You can have famous pani puri in Nagpur at Jai Ambe Chaat Corner – Opposite Crescent Hospital, Dhantoli.

7- Mhaare Jaipur’s Pani Patashe

Rajasthan is one of the 8 Cities those Are Popular For Their Gol Gappas
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Pani Patashe is an integeral part of Rajgharaana food tales. Here you will have them in most of the Rajisthani treats.

You can have famous in rajisthan Ridhi Sidhi sweets – Mansarovar.

8- Lucknow’s Raajsi Patashi

lucknow pani bataasha
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The taste of spice of UP can be found in Lucknawi Raajsi Patashi. This city is also famous for cuisines and royal offerings.

You can have famous in pani puri in  Lucknow at King Of Chat- Mahatama Gandhi Marg.