9 Interesting And Unknown Facts to know about Shah Rukh Khan And Gauri Khan    

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri’s love story usually is an example to different B-town couples that marriages are really created in heaven. Here are some Rare And unknown facts to know about Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri.

Unknown Facts to Know About Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan

1- They fell in Love at first sight

unknown facts to know about shah rukh khan
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2- Shah Rukh Khan is very shy in nature.

srk is shy
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3- King Of Romance Shah Rukh Khan isn’t sensible at romantic gestures.


shah rukh khan gesture
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4- Shah Rukh Khan is far Possessive for Gauri Khan.

srk possesive about gauri
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5- Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t hesitate to specify his feelings for Gauri.


srk feelings for gauri
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6- Gauri Khan hated the very fact that Shah Rukh Khan had choose acting as his profession.

gauri was not sure about srk career as acting
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7- Gauri is far from another of his fond fans.


Image Source: india.com
Image Source: india.com


8- Shah Rukh Khan Had doubt on Gauri Khan for being a decent mother.


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Image Source: reddif.com


9- Shah Rukh Khan promised Gauri Khan That He can purchase Mannat and He never broke the Promise.

srk mannat
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