Do You Know? Salman Khan Carries Arpita On his shoulder for Hours

Salman Khan is one of the best Human being so far in the Bollywood Industry. He does his job in a great way and carries every relation with him. Today he remembers his old days when he carried Arpita Khan on his shoulders for hours. We all knew that a concern named Dabangg Tour is going in London today.

Salman Khan is rocking the show as Chulbul Panday of Dabangg as it is. When he saw a parent-child duo who is watching the concert. He also posted the video of that child enjoying the show sitting on the shoulder of his parent. Salman Khan remembered the olden days of 1996 where he carried Arpita on his shoulders throughout the concert of Micheal Jackson.

Then again Suddenly he saw Arpita carrying Aahil at  Concert and posted the same.

Salman Khan always there as a Brother, Son. But our wish to see him as someone’s husband seems to be impossible.