Newton’s new movie dialogue promo – Newton is poor in maths?

Are you sure, You can solve the maths puzzle?. Here is the new dialogue promo of Newton movie which is asking you a simple question which the lead actor of Newton, Rajkummar Rao failed to answer.

This is not the Biopic of anyone. But this story of a typical guy will make you think twice before taking the wrong step in the society. The trailer of the movie is already out in which RajKummar Rao played the role of a guy who works in the election department in Chattisghar. The film revolves around polling, Speeches, and Army people.

How a guy survives himself from few rebels and tries to conduct a fair and safe voting is the storyline. This movie is directed by  Amit V Masurkar who directed a comedy movie previously which named as Sulemani Keeda. Newton movie will hit the screens on 22nd September.