5 Things That Show Sachin Tendulkar is Best Person Outside The Stadium

Sachin Tendulkar who is worshipped as a god in cricket is not just a very good player inside the cricket stadium but he is also a very good human outside when he is not playing cricket. He has done may things that show Sachin Tendulkar is the best person outside the stadium.

 Things That Show Sachin Tendulkar is Best Person

1- Sponsering 200 childrens every year

sachin helped 200 children
Image Source: ohfact.com

Sachin Tendulkar sponsers 200 needy childrens every year with the help of his mother-in-law, Annabel Mehta through Apanalaya a mumbai based NGO.

2- Raises money through twitter for the Crusade against Cancer foundation

sachin tendulkar helped cancer patient
Image Source: sportskeeda.com

On May 2010, Sachin asked on twitter to raise money for cancer foundation, after that he raised Rs. 1.02 crore (US$150,000) through Sachin’s crusade against cancer for the Crusade against Cancer foundation.

3- Spent 9 hours on Coca-Cola-NDTV Support My School telethon for free

sachin tendulkar in ndtv support my school
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On September 2011, Sachin spent 9 hours on the Support My School telethon where he continuously answered the questions from school childrens by which he raised Rs. 7 crore which were used to built school facilities for children.

4- Free Of Charge Advertisement

 Things That Show Sachin Tendulkar is Best Person
Image Source: indiatvnews.com

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar did advertisements for many social consciousness for free of cost like polio.

5- Sachin Tendulkar Adopted a Village

sachin tendulkar adopts a village
Image Source: thehindu.com

Sachin Tendulkar adopted a village to make it smart village. The village is located in Nellore district and name of village is Puttamraju Kandrika village.